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Hey Guys, We've extended our opening times

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Hi Guys, Just thought I'd let you know that we've updated our opening times. We are now open longer hours. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9.30am to 3pm, and Sunday 10am to 3pm. We are still closed Tuesday and Thursday for the time being, but we are looking to open 7 days a week from Monday 31st August, with restricted times. Thank you for supporting us and we are pleased to be able to open more hours. We have had some really nice reviews on Google and we appreciate the great feedback. Our customers love the new look we have in the shop. They can grab a coffee and a snack while they wait or on the go. I think we are definitively Sheffield's trendiest laundry and dry cleaners. Let us know if you agree :-)

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Aug 24, 2020

Our amazing cleaners are here to help. For years now, our team has been freeing up local’s busy time by taking care of their home cleaning tasks. We believe everyone should have time to do the things they like so this is how we can help.

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