Welcome to our new website and new image. We have been growing year on year, so we wanted our image to now reflect who we are and what we stand for. We want to thank all our loyal customers for their continued support. Elements Laundry and Dry Cleaners has been serving the Sheffield and surrounding areas for nearly four years now, and in August of 2013 we opened our second shop in Foxhill.

The Foxhill shop needed a considerable amount of work to bring it up to our high standards for our customers. We have a growing army of customers in Foxhill who are grateful we have opened a shop in their area. We have always believed that if we can give our customers the best service in the most comfortable surroundings, they would appreciate it, and from the feedback we receive daily, they most certainly do.

For many years the laundry and dry cleaning industry in general has failed its customers with poorly trained staff, shoddy workmanship, dirty shops, or the basic lack of knowledge when it comes to even the basic dry cleaning, spotting and pressing techniques. We wanted to change all that. Our staff is trained by the best in the business. We have strived to change the face of the industry by treating all our customers, not only our counter customers, but also our contract customers, not just as numbers, but as people.

Large corporations have lost touch with their customers and this is why we have grown. Being a small independent company, we offer face to face contact with our customers who may have a problem with a garment stain or in need of a repair, or our contract customers who may need a quick turnaround of their laundry or dry cleaning, and we can deliver solutions and a service that has been lost for so long.

We aim to be the best in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Our customers have many choices when it comes to our services. They can use our self service washing machines and gas tumble dryers; or even use the dryers if they haven’t used our washing machines. This is helpful when the weather is poor and our customers have no way of drying their clothes.

A standard load can be washed and dried for around £6.00. A standard load for our small machines is around 7 kilos, nearly twice as much as an average household machine. Our large machines will take a large duvet and around 11 kilos of laundry. There is also the alternative for a customer to leave their laundry for a service wash. We will wash, dry and neatly fold their laundry ready for collection. We can turn it around the same day. Having the chore of washing and drying your own clothes can be laborious, so we have tried to give our clients the best place to do their laundry.

Offering comfy seating, up-to-date magazines, TV’s, a choice of hot drinks, and we are a BT Hotspot for their internet connections. In both our shops we have a book swap. Customers can take a couple of books they are interested in reading and bring books they have enjoyed. This has been so successful. Come and join our laundry and dry cleaning revolution.